Sunday, April 21, 2024

Yemen Ansarullah warns UAE no more safe for investment

A member of the political bureau of Yemen’s Ansarullah Movement has warned that the United Arab Emirates will turn into a battlefield in case a full-scale conflict erupts between the resistance front and what it called the “puppets” of the US.

“The strength of the UAE was that it was a neutral country and a safe place in the region and the world for investment. But it lost its place by attacking Yemen, because our military operations [against the UAE] will widen by the day,” Mohammed al-Bukaiti said in a tweet.

“Also, if a full-scale conflict erupts between the resistance front and the US puppets, the UAE will become a battleground. That’s why it is no longer safe.”

“The Emirates, amid the epidemic of war that had spread across the region, could become the Switzerland of this region. That was the reason for our previous advice [to them] to complete their withdrawal from Yemen and avoid escalating tensions. But now we advise the investors to move their capitals out of the UAE, because the Emirati government, led by [Mohammed] bin Zayed, has abandoned the policies of his father.”

Yemeni armed forces have carried out a series of missiles and drone strikes against the UAE over the past days. The military operations came after the UAE conducted deadly airstrikes on the Yemeni cities of Hudaydah and Sa’ada, killing dozens including children, and injuring hundreds of others.

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