Sunday, June 23, 2024

What does a war of attrition in Ukraine mean for Iran’s domestic policy and international ties?

A senior Iranian expert on international affairs says the Ukraine conflict has degenerated into a war of attrition. Kourosh Ahmadi, in an exclusive interview with ISNA, then spoke about the impact of the war on Iran.

He noted that economically speaking, the soaring energy prices that have been shot up by the Ukraine war have been beneficial to not only Iran but other oil and gas exporting nations and these countries are in a better position.

He however noted that cheap Russian oil is a cause of worry because Moscow is selling crude at lower prices to circumvent Western sanctions and this will compound the situation a bit for the Islamic republic.

According to this international affairs expert, another key question is to what extent the Ukraine conflict could affect Moscow’s cooperation with the West over Iran’s nuclear program.

As for Russia’s ties with Israel, Ahmadi said it’s unclear if the Russians will continue their cooperation with the Zionist regime in Syria at the expense of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The political expert also said the evolution of the Ukraine conflict into a war of attrition can also impact the way Russia will cooperate with the West over Iran’s nuclear deal.

Ahmadi added that it’s unclear if Moscow will keep preventing the Iran-West ties from getting critical. He maintained that Russian President Vladimir Putin cannot concede defeat in Ukraine because his fate is intertwined with the result of the war.

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