Veteran Iranian journalist urges Russia to apologize for stance on three Iranian islands

The managing editor of Iranian principalist daily Kayhan has decried Russia’s support for Arab countries stance on the three Iranian islands of the Lesser Tunb, the Greater Tunb and Abu Musa, demanding the Kremlin apologize to the Iranian government.

“The Arab states were not expected to adopt any stance other than animosity toward Islamic Iran and alignment with the Zionist regime, but the Russian government should be held accountable for its wicked and illegal move against the Islamic Republic of Iran,” said Hossein Shiratmadari in an editorial on Saturday.

“Russian Foreign Ministet Sergei Lavrov knows about the numerous documents that signify Iran’s definite and undisputed sovereignty over the three islands,” he added.

“Accordingly, even if the Russian government’s move was an error, it smacks of betrayal, and our country’s diplomacy apparatus is expected, at least, to ask the Russian government to officially and openly apologize for its move against the territorial integrity of Islamic Iran and, given the undeniable documents which exist, emphasize Iran’s sovereignty over the three mentioned islands,” he added.

Russia has recently sided with the United Arab Emirates over the Persian Gulf islands in the sixth Russian-Arab Cooperation Forum held in Morocco.

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