Friday, September 30, 2022

‘US Worried about Qatar Leaning towards Iran’

An Iranian MP says the US is concerned over Qatar leaning toward Iran amid the ongoing tension in its relations with Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf Arab states.

Iranian legislator Mohammad-Javad Abtahi has, in a Farsi interview with ICANA, weighed in on the prospects of the tension between Saudi Arabia and Qatar as well as the role of the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in easing tensions.

“The row between Qatar and Saudi Arabia is a historical one. In fact, during the time when the UK colonized nations and when these countries were being divided, their borders being determined and their rulers being designated, measures were adopted to make the countries always need the West. So, with the easing of this tension, another will emerge,” said Abatahi, who is a member of the Parliament’s Education and Research Commission.

“Rulers of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain are puppets of the UK, and have been moving in line with Britain’s objectives. In fact, real unity will not take shape between these countries, the same way that the establishment of the GCC led to differences and disputes among its members,” said the lawmaker.

He then explained why American senators insist that Washington not support Saudi Arabia.

“The United States’ interests are contingent upon backing for Qatar because Qatar has a suitable geographical situation and rich natural gas resources. Doha’s investments have also boosted economic potentialities in the region,” said the MP.

“Qatar’s leaning toward Iran and Turkey will prompt the White House to support Doha. So, the US will mediate between Qatar and Saudi Arabia in such a way that Saudi Arabia is put under pressure to back away from its stances on Qatar, so that Doha will edge closer to Tehran,” he noted.

“Tension between countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar keeps increasing and easing; still, we hope the Persian Gulf littoral states will come to realize that US and British governments have not even remained faithful to their friends; so, they (GCC rulers) had better draw up plans for their countries themselves.”

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