US sanctions more IRGC officials accused of “plotting assassinations abroad”

The administration of US President Joe Biden has imposed sanctions on more officials with the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) for what it calls "plotting assassinations abroad".

The United States has imposed new sanctions on members of the IRGC as well as individuals and entities it claims to be affiliates of the country’s elite military force.

The sanctions announced on Thursday targeted two senior officials of the IRGC’s Intelligence Organization as well as three individuals based in Iran and Turkey and a Turkish company which the US Treasury claimed were all linked to the IRGC.

The sanctions were claimed to be a response to IRGC’s involvement in external lethal operations against civilians, including journalists.

The IRGC, which is an integral part of the Iranian military, has been blacklisted in its entirety by the US.

However, Washington announced sanctions on members of the military force from time to time to increase pressure on the force.

Iran has rejected allegations against the IRGC as futile attempts to undermine the rise and prominence of the force in Iran and in the region.

The US sanctions announced on Thursday targeted IRGC’s Intelligence Organization’s chief Reza Seraj as well as Rouhallah Bazghandi, the former chief of the Organization’s counterespionage department.

Turkish-based airline, Rey Havacilik Ithalat Ihracat Sanayi Ve, was also placed under sanctions because of what the Treasury said was the company’s assistance to IRGC Quds Force’s covert operations.

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