Saturday, July 13, 2024

US responsible for Gaza hospital massacre: Hamas

The United States is responsible for the deadly Israeli attack on the al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza which killed at least 500 civilians, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh has stated.

“The US holds the responsibility of the hospital attack because of the cover it gives to the Israeli aggression,” Haniyeh said.

Haniyeh added that the attack confirmed Israel’s “brutality” and the extent of its “defeat” after Hamas’s attack on October 7.

He also called for Palestinians in the occupied West Bank to rise up against the Israeli occupation – just as thousands take to the streets in Ramallah.

The Hamas spokesperson Osama Hamdan also told Al Jazeera, “I believe that this crime will not take place unless there was a green light from the United States. Everyone understands that Secretary of States Antony Blinken spent yesterday night with the [Israeli war] cabinet for more than five hours, and tomorrow everyone is expecting President Biden to visit the region.”

“It’s clear they are preparing the land for something to tell everyone that all the needed steps have been done to evacuate Gaza, which will not take place.”

“I believe that the Palestinians themselves will not leave, and I believe that the Arab countries will not accept that. I have to say that we are watching a war crime, not just from the Israelis, but also from the Americans,” he continued.

Also in a press conference in Lebanon on Wednesday, Hamdan said the US and all western countries that support Israel “hold full responsibility for the horrific massacres and genocidal war that the occupation is committing, the last of which was the massacre at the Al-Ahli Hospital”.

He denounced what he called a media misinformation strategy conducted by Israel and the US to demonise Palestinian resistance.

He added that the failure of the United Nations Security Council to pass a resolution calling for a humanitarian ceasefire will be a “stain of shame” that will follow those involved forever.

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