Friday, December 2, 2022

US Policies Cut No Ice with Iranians: IRGC Chief

Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says the fake nature of the US support for the Iranian nation was laid bare in the recent unrest, stressing that the American stances cut no ice with the Iranian people anymore.

In an address to a cultural ceremony in Tehran on Wednesday, IRGC Commander Major General Hossein Salami said the enemies of Iran suffer from political dementia and are miscalculated.

He also noted that the enemy was seeking to take advantage of a recent sedition in Iran to make up for its defeats and combine the policy of maximum pressure with unrest inside Iran.

The enemy was waiting in ambush and sought to take advantage of the riots to threaten Iran, but it was unaware that the Iranian nation has the art of turning the threats into opportunities, the commander added.

The general noted that the recent developments in Iran helped people realize the true image of the US support, saying Washington only favors poverty and underdevelopment for all nations in the world.

The world nations have inflicted degradation on the US and are removing it from the stage of political geography, Major General Salami added, saying the US policies cut no ice with the Iranian people.

Warning the enemies of Iran “not to cross the red lines”, the general said the Iranian nation slapped the arrogance across the face so hard that its face turned 180 degrees.

“Lebanon is triumphant today, and Hezbollah is standing against Israel powerfully, and if they (Israelis) intend to make a move, they (Lebanese) will nip it in the bud. Syrians are defending their territory and are foiling the plots hatched by the US, the UK and Saudi Arabia,” he added.

Major General Salami also hailed the Iraqi people for dealing with the seditious plots, saying Saudi Arabia’s palaces have been also gripped by the fear of Yemenis.

He finally noted that the vigilant Iranian nation separated itself from the American plots in the recent unrest.

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