Monday, February 6, 2023

US Claim of Support for Iranian People ‘Shameful Lie’: Zarif

Iran’s foreign minister has dismissed US officials’ expression of support for Iranian people as a “shameful lie.”

Mohammad Javad Zarif said Washington claims to be supporting Iranian people while it is ironically keeping food and medicines from reaching Iranians.

“A regime (the US) which, by exercising economic terrorism, keeps food and drugs from reaching ordinary people, including the elderly and patients, can never make the outrageous claim that it supports Iranian people,” said Zarif.

“Mr. Pompeo should first be answerable for the announced acts of terror and crimes against humanity directed at Iranian people,” he added.

“Countries which have failed to show any power and will to stand up to the United States’ economic terrorism, and now are, both on the political front and on the ground, backing chaos and the breach of peace in order to disguise their failure, are accountable for all the consequences of their dangerous provocations,” the top diplomat added.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Zarif noted that people are entitled to express their objections.

“People have the right to lawful protest as recognized in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and [we] needn’t be reminded [of that] and this shouldn’t be hypocritically supported by regimes which have announced that their official objective is to force Iran into meeting their illegitimate and illegal demands through exerting economic pressure, even in the domain of food and drugs,” he said.

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