Saturday, December 10, 2022

“US Claim of Bringing Iran’s Oil Sales to Zero Just Nonsense”

A senior Iranian official says the United States’ claim that it will bring Iran’s petroleum sales to zero is just nonsense.

The comment was made by First Vice-President Es’haq Jahangiri at a gathering of academicians in Tehran.

“However, there is a possibility of Iran’s oil sales dropping,” the official added.

He said today Iran is in a critical situation, but “that does not mean that all the existing elements are threats; rather, good opportunities can be extracted from within these tough conditions.”

“The experience of different countries also shows that major developments were the result of tough conditions, and many wars and difficult situations that countries experienced turned into important and positive results and events for them,” said the first vice president.

He touched upon the management of the ruling elite in the United States and Washington’s efforts to put pressure on the Iranian nation.

“Of course, they are not seeking military action because they are well aware of its destructive effects on the world. But they have entered into a soft war against the Iranian nation, and they are seeking to affect public opinion in our country through economic and media pressure,” he noted.

He said the US is trying to bring Iran’s oil sales to zero and prevent Iran’s access to financial resources and stop the imports of goods into the country by imposing sanctions on Iranian banks and transportation system.

“Despite all difficulties and hardships, the [Iranian government] is wholeheartedly looking for solutions to neutralize their programs,” he said.

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