UN Security Council to meet over violence in West Bank

The United Nations Security Council will meet behind closed doors on Friday following Israel’s military operation in the Palestinian city of Jenin in the West Bank.

The United Arab Emirates requested the meeting “in light of the alarming developments in Palestine,” diplomats said according to Reuters.

Israel’s raid on the occupied West Bank city of Jenin has killed at least 12 Palestinians as the military targeted the refugee camp and hospitals in the area, in what is one of the biggest military operations in the West Bank in years.

The offensive was widely described as one of the worst Israeli attacks on Jenin in two decades.

During its raid, Israeli forces also targeted hospitals, medical staff and ambulance units, according to Palestinian health minister May al-Kaila.

The Palestinian health ministry also annouced that over 100 people have sustained serious injuries as a result of Israel’s offensive in Jenin. Around 20 of those injured have been described as being in “serious condition”.

Almost 80% of homes in Jenin have been damaged following Israel’s 2-day raid, according to the city’s deputy governor Kamal Abu al-Rub, who spoke with the Anadolu news agency.

“Houses and infrastructure suffered heavy damage in the offensive,” Kamal Abu al-Rub told Anadolu, adding, “Almost 80% of houses in the Jenin refugee camp were either destroyed, damaged or burnt.”

The governor also stated that dozens of vehicles and utility lines were damaged in the Israeli raid.

Several news reports citing Israeli sources stated that Israel was beginning to withdraw on Tuesday, while Palestinian media outlets are reporting sporadic clashes with Israeli troops.

“Israeli forces have started withdrawing from Jenin camp,” an army spokesman told AFP late on Tuesday night, without offering further details.

However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that the operation was not a one-time event, adding that Israel would “continue as long as necessary” to engage in military operations in Jenin.

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