Thursday, February 2, 2023

Ultra-Marathon in Iranian Deserts Approaching Finish Line

The runners participating in the Iranian Silk Road Ultra-Marathon, who have already passed the longest and most difficult stage (known as the Long March) in the hottest spot on Earth, will finally cross the finish line on Sunday, May 7.

According to IFP’s translation of a report by ISNA, 43 runners from Iran, Italy, Canada, Britain, Germany, Austria, Norway, India, Morocco, and Lebanon will cross the finish line on Sunday, and the winners will be announced.

The marathon is being held in six stages, in each of which the runners run between 35 and 45 kilometres.

Ultra-Marathon in Iran 12The most difficult stage, the Long March, was held on Thursday, during which the runners ran a distance of 80km in two consecutive days without any overnight accommodation. During the march, the temperature rose to 48 degrees Celsius in certain hours.

Mohamad Ahansal, the famous Moroccan ultra-marathon runner, has been the best runner so far.

Many of the runners ran in this stage continuously without any rest even in the night, and the last runner finally crossed the finish line [of this stage] on Friday morning.

Since Saturday morning, they have started the sixth stage after a full rest on Friday.

The ultra-marathon, mainly aimed at introducing Iran as a safe and intact place to the world, is held in two integral and lite formats, each of which is in 6 stages.

The slogan of the event is, “Run with us in the hottest place on Earth”.



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