Tuesday, February 7, 2023

‘Trump’s Possible Impeachment Not Important to Iran’

Iran says the US’ internal affairs, including the possible impeachment of US President Donald Trump, does not matter to the Islamic Republic of Iran, as the change in approaches and actions is more important than the change of individuals.

“We don’t incorporate the US’ internal affairs into our political calculations very much. What happens in the United States of America is related to the US nation and government,” said Seyyed Abbas Mousavi, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, on Monday.

“If there are offences, the US Congress will investigate and deal with it,” he noted when asked about Trump’s scandals that are resulting in his impeachment.

“These domestic changes don’t have much value and credit for us, and as we announced in the case of Mr Bolton, the change of individuals is not that much important,” Mousavi noted.

“What matters is their approach and action. While their action is important, they have shown nothing but lip services and gestures,” he added.

He also referred to Trump’s contradictory remarks about Iran, and said such stances indicate a chaos in the US politics.

“Many of Trump’s remarks are lies, and the Islamic Republic of Iran has not seen any intention in him to implement them. While he has announced he wants to meet with Iran’s president, in his UN General Assembly address, he declares he would not only not lift the sanctions and decrease them, but would also increase the bans.”

“This shows both their confusion and a chaos in the minds of politicians and decision-makers in the US at least regarding the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he added.

The interest in the impeachment of Trump is snowballing among the opposition Democratic party.

More and more lawmakers are now expressing their support for the move, among them politicians that used to fiercely oppose the launch of the proceedings.

House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi who was against impeaching Trump over his alleged collusion with the Russians in the 2016 presidential election has now ordered the inquiries to begin over the president’s Ukraine scandal.

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