Saturday, December 3, 2022

‘Trump Seeks to Cover Costs of Afghan War with Islamabad, Kabul’s Wealth’

A senior Iranian lawmaker says US President Donald Trump wants to meet the expenses of war in Afghanistan with Islamabad’s wealth and Kabul’s mineral resources.

Senior Iranian legislator Shahrouz Barzegar Kolshani has, in a Farsi interview with ICANA, said the US president’s approach toward Washington’s ongoing presence in Afghanistan shows the real intentions and objectives of the White House.

“Wherever it is in the interests of the White House, the US goes into action in the name of war on terror or promoting democracy,” said Barzegar Kolshani, who sits on the Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission.

“The American version of democracy remains silent against the Saudi regime’s dictatorship, but makes complaints vis-à-vis Iran’s religious democracy,” said the MP.

“The world public opinion has challenged the United States’ approach over the past decades, and now we’re seeing that Trump is practically ridiculing everybody.”

Trump Eying Pakistan’s Riches, Afghanistan’s Mines

The lawmaker touched upon the US president and secretary of state’s harsh criticism of Islamabad, saying, “Trump has an insatiable appetite for selling weapons, and now he’s set his eyes on Pakistan after Saudi Arabia,” said the legislator.

He said Trump wants to pay the cost of war against the Taliban with Pakistan’s wealth and Afghanistan’s mineral resources.

“The common interests that the US president speaks of, mean he wants to secure America’s interests and cover the expenses of the Pentagon’s military deployments,” said the legislator.

US Has Issues with Baghdad’s Democracy

The MP referred to Trump’s greed for a military buildup in Iraq, saying, “Generally speaking, the Americans have problems with democracy in Iraq and other Middle East countries.”

“After the downfall of the [former Iraqi] Ba’ath regime and the emergence of democracy in Baghdad, there was no room for continued presence of the US in Iraq, and they (the Americans) had to return home.”

He said the emergence of Takfiri terrorists and the crimes committed over the past six years have their roots in the “engineering of terror” at the hands of the Central Intelligence Agency.


Signs of Collapse of West’s System

He noted US presidents have always sought to disguise Washington’s plots with beautiful masks, but “Trump reveals the United States’ true intentions.”

“The Democrats, with their dovish policy, and the Republicans, with their hawkish policy, meddle [in other countries’ affairs], but Trump has adopted a ‘vulture policy’ which leads to the collapse of the West’s domineering system,” said the legislator.

He said Trump’s lack of knowledge about political sciences has resulted in his revelation of all issues, which has created rifts in the US foreign policy.

It is noteworthy that trump lashed out at Pakistan after announcing Washington’s strategy of a troop buildup in Afghanistan, and called on Islamabad to pay for the expenses of war in Afghanistan. Trump also believes Obama should not have ordered a troop pullout from Iraq.


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