Wednesday, February 8, 2023

The only woman who makes horseshoes in Iran (PHOTOS)

Making horseshoes for my horse inspired me to learn the skill, Ashnaei said.

Farnaz Hashemi is a young Iranian woman who has chosen a male-dominated job.

The only Iranian female farrier has a way with horses and excels at replacing horseshoes.

When asked about what inspired her to choose the job, she said that her efforts to acquire the skill were initially meant to replace the horseshoes of her horse on her own, but two years into her 4-year apprenticeship, she developed a liking for the job.

Hashemi added that some thought that she would give up the job after a while to return to her horse-riding career.  

She said that after completing several courses and reading self-study books on horse shoemaking, she eventually succeeded in making horseshoes by herself.

Images of a female horse shoemaker in Iran put online by



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