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Tehran’s Cultural Heritage in Photos: Museum of War

The historic House of Teymourtash, which is now open to visitors as the Museum of War, dates back to the late Qajar period, and has been registered on the National Heritage List in 2004.

House of Teymourtash is located in Hor square in central Tehran and on a street called War Street. Weapons have been put on display for the public in this historic house; including the artillery donated by Russia after the Treaty of Turkmenchay.

The house belonged to Abdolhossein Teymourtash, the defence minister of deposed Pahlavi king Reza Shah, and then was converted into the War Museum. It was built in 1931 in two stories.


The house is an elegant monument with beautiful brickworks and artistic plasterworks.

The painted-glass door panels and the mirror-work ceiling are part of an army unit, and the cannon and prototypes of warships and military aircrafts have been put on show.

The War Museum was reopened to the public for the second consecutive year during Nowruz 2018.

What follows are photos of Museum of War retrieved from Tehran Picture Agency:

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