Saturday, September 24, 2022

Tapestries of Iranian Artist on Show in Tehran

A tapestry exhibition of an Iranian artist is underway in the Shirin Gallery of Tehran. The exhibition consists of 24 various works created by Shahrzad Gharavi.

The gallery has put on show multiple texture patterns with different materials and fibres and a range of conceptual ideas that encompass geometric and abstract works.

Shahrzad Gharavi is a modern Iranian artist who has been able to combine the native experiences of the country with modern knowledge in her professional work in a bid to show a combination of local ideas with an international approach.

Born in Abadan in 1952, she studied graphic design at the Faculty of Decorative Arts at Tehran University of Art, but then moved to Belgium and spent two years freelancing at St Lucas University in Brussels in the field of tapestry and silk printing.

In the years later, Gharavi’s professional activity continued by holding numerous individual and group exhibitions in domestic and international galleries.

The artist, who is active in a variety of artistic fields, has just put on show a collection of her tapestries that she has created since 1976.

Tapestry may be the simplest definition of textile and fibre art in which the artist uses a variety of tools and materials to express her ideas.

Tapestry might be limited to stereotypical materials at first glance, but Gharavi has added new textures to this art by adding unusual materials such as metal filaments.

Following you can find photos of the exhibition of her tapestry works retrieved from Honar Online:

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