Sadeghzadeh has said 15 sculptures are on display at the exhibition, adding that he called it “Tally Stick” because the title refers to the use of wood and calligraphy and also is a reminder of tally stick as a simple and old tool for counting.

“This collection is the result of two years of work and the word “everyone” is repeated in the works”, Sadeghzadeh said.

The Iranian artist also said he deliberately emphasized the meaning of “being together” because he wanted to say“one hand produces no sound”, a famous Iranian proverb meaning one cannot achieve much alone and that teamwork is better.

According to Sadeghzadeh, “For wood, I used pine trees that were on the cusp to falling. I got these sticks cut to the size of a human because I wanted the word “everyone” to be in the form of a human. The statues are human beings who complain about loneliness and the absence of events between people.“

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