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Unverified Details of Qatar’s Response to Saudi Demands

Qatar on Monday responded to a list of demands from Saudi Arabia and its allies after they agreed to give Doha another 48 hours to address their grievances.

New Group of Turkish Troops Arrives in Qatar

Qatar has announced the arrival of a new group of Turkish armed forces to the military base in southwest of Doha to join the Turkish troops already deployed there.

A Kiss that May Outrage Saudis, Escalate Qatar Crisis (+Video)

The Qatari emir has recently greeted a senior Egyptian cleric and kissed his turban in a move that can further unleash the Saudis’ wrath and deepen the ongoing crisis in the Middle East.  

“Riyadh’s Real Nature Revealed to Ankara”

An Iranian lawmaker says the crisis between Qatar and Saudi Arabia has revealed the true nature of Riyadh to Turkey.

Arab States Should Hold Talks with Iran: Lebanon’s Jumblatt

A top Lebanese politician says the Arab countries’ key interests cannot be secured without holding negotiations with Iran.

Qatar Not to Cut Ties with Iran: Report

Qatari officials have reportedly declared they will not cut their relations with Iran, a precondition set by Saudi Arabia and its allies for normalization of ties with Doha.

Source Denies Report on Relocation of Hamas Officials to Iran

A source close to the Palestinian resistance rejected a report that claimed officials with the Palestinian Resistance Movement, Hamas, will be moved from Qatar to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Festival of Joint Naval Drills in Persian Gulf

Iran and China are going to hold a joint naval drill in Persian Gulf on Sunday, a couple of days after the naval forces of Qatar and the US wrapped up their three-day joint military exercise in the same body of water.

Iran Eyes Larger Share of Qatar’s Market

Amid a recent row between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Qatari citizens risk a serious food shortage while Iran continues to send more food to the blockaded nation.

Al Jazeera’s Closure among Riyadh’s Preconditions for Qatar

A retired Saudi general has unveiled Riyadh’s main preconditions for normalising relations with Qatar and resolving the ongoing crisis in the Persian Gulf.