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The latest news and views about nanotechnology and Iran’s achievements in this field – Nanotechnology (News) in Iran

Iranian Company Produces Bacterial Nanocellulose

An Iranian knowledge-based company has gained the technical know-how to synthesize nano-structured cellulose by using bacteria.

Iranian, Turkish Scientists Win Prestigious Mustafa Prize

The closing ceremony of the third edition of Mustafa Prize was held in Tehran in the presence of Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari.

Researchers Develop Nano-Paste to Stop Bleeding

A knowledge-based company in Iran has produced a blood-stopping paste using nanotechnology.

Iran Planning to Use Nanotechnology in Petroleum Industry

Iran’s Vice Presidency for Science and Technology has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Petroleum for the purpose of using nanotechnology-based products and services in the country’s petroleum industry in order to meet the needs of the industry.

Iran Global Forerunner in Nanotechnology: VP

Iran's Vice-President for Science and Technology says the country is a pioneer in the field of nano-sciences, and since five years ago, serious focus has been put on the commercialisation of products in this field.

Iran Nano 2019 Kicks Off in Tehran

The 12th Nanotechnology Exhibition and Festival of Iran, known as Iran Nano 2019, has opened in Tehran, with 111 companies active in the field of nanotechnology presenting their products in 12 different sectors.

Iran Develops Rust Remover Using Nanotechnology

A group of Iranian researchers have developed a nano-material which could be used to repair rusty surfaces.

Iran Develops Nanoparticle to Remove Microbial, Chemical Contaminants

Researchers at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences have developed a new nanoparticle with unique properties that can remove chemical and microbial contaminants at the same time.

Iran Signs Deal to Establish Nanotechnology Lab in Bolivia

Iran has inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Bolivia on the enhancement of technological and academic collaboration, especially by training nanotechnology experts and establishing a nano-lab in the Latin American state.

Iran Eyes Exporting Nano Carpets to Persian Gulf States

A carpet weaving company in Iran is seeking to export to regional countries its nano-carpets which have anti-bacterial, anti-odor and anti-radiation features.