Saturday, December 2, 2023

Iran Develops Water-Repellent Nano-Paint

A group of Iranian researchers has developed water-repellent nano-paint which protects surfaces against erosion and destruction, and increases their lifespan.

The nano-paint needs to be applied on surfaces only once, making a second coating redundant.

The penetration of water into construction materials results in cracks on the surface, causes paint coatings and plaster to come off and also causes fungi. Among the common problems in industries are the erosion of metal and steel surfaces, especially in coastal areas, the reduced resistance of concrete constructions materials, as well as the high cost of the maintenance of equipment.

Using nanotechnology, graduates of chemical engineering from the Sharif University of Technology have achieved an operational solution to such problems and managed to produce ultra-water-repellent paint using nano-materials.

The ultra-water-repellent paint is made up of organic-mineral materials.

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The product has numerous features: it is water-repellent, sticks well to the surface, is applied in very little amounts, has high mechanical and chemical resistance, is resistant to different types of mineral and plant oils, is highly resistant to ultraviolet radiation, barely turns pale, is more affordable compared to similar foreign paint, and lasts long.

The product comes in the transparent form as well as in different colours and can be used to paint all surfaces (plaster, concrete, cement and brick), the interior and exterior of buildings, tiles and ceramic (inside buildings, hospitals, rest rooms, public places, wood, MDF, tables and chairs).

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