Based on an old tradition, Iranian people all over the country clean their houses before the beginning of spring, and the Persian New Year holidays known as Nowruz.

Khaneh-Tekani is what referred by Iranians to the annual spring cleaning before the arrival of Nowruz, the Persian New Year, in March.

Like all Iranians, the people of Mazandaran, northern Iran, practice this tradition, associated with the nature’s rebirth: to welcome the spring, women dust their homes, cover the walls with mud, and bake pastries with entirely village-made ingredients.

Here you can see Mizan’s photos of Persian New Year spring cleaning in Mazandaran:

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  1. im so happy to see some think about my country 😊 norooz means new day. we set a table for norooz to, we put red fish , penis , Lavender flowers , Samanoo , Vinegar , Sumac , Oleaster , brunette , Apple , Colored eggs , and we call it Tablecloth of Haft-sin because in persian Lavender flowers , Samanoo , Vinegar , Sumac , Oleaster , brunette , Apple all began with the letter s.


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