Sunday, December 10, 2023

Soccer legend Seedorf converts to Islam after marrying Iranian girl

Dutch soccer legend Clarence Seedorf has announced his conversion to Islam after marrying an Iranian girl, expressing joy over joining the followers of the holy religion.

Seedorf made the announcement from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Friday in an Instagram post, which carried a picture of himself together with his Iranian wife Sophia Makramati.

“Special thanks for all the kind messages, my celebration of my joining the Muslim family, and I am also happy to join all the brothers and sisters around the world, especially the beloved Sophia, who taught me the depth of the meaning of Islam,” he said.

Seedorf and his Iranian Muslim wife

“I have not changed my name and will continue to carry my name as my father said, Clarence Seedorf! I send all my love to everyone in the world,” he added.

Seedorf is a World Cup veteran, four-time UEFA Champions League champion and coach.

He is known as the most crowned Champions League player in the history of the competition.

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