Tuesday, January 31, 2023

“Send Me to Jail”, Iranian Judge Asks Prosecutor after Mistaken Ruling

An Iranian adjudicator in a court in Tehran has submitted a peculiar request, asking the prosecutor general of the capital to indict him for issuing a mistaken ruling that had placed a defendant in custody unjustly.

The adjudicator who chairs courts hearing cases on armed robberies in the district 34 of Tehran has been so filled with remorse after a session that he has asked the prosecutor general of Tehran to indict him for a wrong verdict against a defendant.

The judge has called on the prosecutor general to impose a fine on him, to be subtracted from his next month’s salary, to introduce him to the special court dealing with charges against the judges, and keep him in custody for one day, so that he could have the experience of being held in detention.

At the conclusion of his most recent ruling, the conscientious adjudicator has confessed that he has failed to obey the orders of God defined in holy Quran, which says “Indeed, Allah orders justice and good conduct”.

“My judicial independence and justice has been tainted after the unreasonable detention of the defendant,” the judge has noted.

He has also asked the prosecutor to make arrangements to have the criminal Police arrest him and hold him in custody for 24 hours, “so that I will realize the conditions in detention and be more careful about issuing the orders from now on.”

The adjudicator has finally noted that the defendants against whom he has issued a ruling are workers that have been unable to earn a wage after being held in custody. He has asked the prosecutor to invite the defendants to the court and pay them a sum equivalent to his one day salary in order to make up for the mistake.

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