Saturday, March 2, 2024

Saudi-led forces intensify attacks on Yemeni infrastructure

The Saudi-led coalition waging a devastating war on Yemen has stepped up its attacks against residential areas and critical infrastructure in the capital Sana'a and other provinces.

Iran’s Arabic Language News Channel Al-Alam reports that airstrikes launched by Saudi and Emirati warplanes targeting an international telecommunications company in Sana’a caused extensive damage to the building and destroyed its equipment, bringing its work to a halt.

The telecommunications minister of Yemen’s National Salvation Government told Al-Alam that the warplanes are precisely and deliberately targeting equipment and infrastructure in Yemen.

The Yemeni Ministry of Telecommunications held a press conference on the ruins of the destroyed company building, condemning the attack and slamming the aggressors and the international community for the ongoing crimes against Yemen.

The ministry stressed that such buildings are entirely civilian and that the technical equipment inside them is used only in the civil service sector.

The devastating bombing came just two days after a spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition claimed that Yemeni governmental buildings and ministries were being used for UAV-related military activities, warning of imminent attacks against them.

The National Salvation Government has dismissed the claim as a pretext to attack vital Yemeni infrastructure.

Saudi Arabia launched its onslaught against Yemen in March 2015. The United Arab Emirates has been the most important partner of the Saudis in the war.

The devastating military campaign has caused a humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen and claimed hundreds of thousands of Yemeni lives.

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