Monday, April 22, 2024

Saudi-led coalition seizes another Yemeni fuel ship

Yemen’s oil company says the Saudi-led coalition has confiscated a ship carrying a cargo of gasoline, before its arrival at the country’s Hudaydah port city.

The company’s spokesman Asam al-Motavakkel said the seizure of the shipment of fuel comes amid severe fuel shortage in Yemen due to the seven-year Saudi-led blockade on the country.

He said up to 3-kilometers lines are now seen outside fuel stations in different parts of Yemen.

The official said the oil company’s proposed initiative for tackling the fuel crisis remains on the table, provided that tankers are allowed to enter Hudaydah.

He said the Saudi-led coalition has imposed certain measures on all shipments of fuel to Yemen, including the requirement to buy fuel exclusively from the UAE and that consignments should be inspected by a French company and sealed before being allowed to enter Yemen.

Motavakkel, however, said even this has not prevented “piracy” by the Saudi-led coalition, which seizes shipments of oil, that have clearance from the United Nations, and transfers them to Jizan port city in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia and its allied have been pushing a deadly campaign of bombing and ground attacks on Yemen since March 2015, killing tens of thousands of Yemenis.

The coalition has also imposed an all-out blockade on Yemen, barring its access even to basic equipment such as drugs and foodstuff, along with fuel.

This has led to a surge in the deaths of children and mothers and has filled hospital wards, which are struggling to survive amid lack of fuel-generated power.

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