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Research Paper on Reasons for Homelessness

Home, sweet home. Not everyone in the world has it. But why? How do people become homeless? Let’s see how the research paper on the topic may look.

When considering the term “homelessness,” many of us imagine people with, let’s call it that way, untidy looks, and self-destructive behavioral patterns. Well, this is a usual social consensus, and that is why we need to talk about homelessness, just to make things clear and avoid false stereotypes that are fueled by just a few yet very visible cases. That is why the homelessness topic is so important – we have to know the real reasons behind this issue. Doing research in this direction is very important, as it would be possible to find the real reasons behind it instead of thinking, “yeah, they did that to themselves.”

Why should we research this?

You might ask this question, and it’s rather obvious, not going to lie. The issue of homelessness has been present since the dawn of civilization, and this simple fact implies that it’s not curable. Well, even if it’s not, we need to research it for the simple reasons – why it happens now! You can find a share of essays on homelessness on different web resources, such as StudyMoose, which means that this topic is quite important and widespread. After all, why write an essay about homelessness when you know everything about it? That’s the trick – if it’s such as a pressing topic, it means that there are still things to find out. So, researching the issue and writing a paper about it can have a considerable impact.

The importance of the topic

You see – if the issue persists for centuries and thousands of years means that it has some roots in the very nature of the world. So, let’s rewind our typical views of the homeless people. You usually see some dirty people along the pavements and might think that they have brought this on themselves. However, have you ever tried talking to homeless? There are lots of homelessness essays out there, and people describe their experiences after talking to these people. Well, you might be surprised, but the majority of homeless have one thing in common – poverty. As it appears, the majority of cases are connected to poverty and issues with things such as local financing of schools, infrastructure, etc. Basically, all the things that contribute to the development of a person in a long-term run.

Some more details

As it was found out by many people, especially the ones willing to communicate with the homeless, the reasons for the issue are usually way far from things such as alcohol or drug abuse. For example, the top reason for homelessness is quite obvious – insufficient income, coupled with a lack of affordable housing. We all know that the current real estate market is some sort of a circus show, with a dark and sinister tone to it. Well, it leads people to different things, including things such as homelessness. The second reason is the crazy rent. Who would have thought, right? Most affected people and statistics point out that this reason for a loss of living space is caused by rents that can drain more than half of the monthly income from people. Sounds wild, I know.

Write about that!

It is of the crucial importance to disclose pressing social issues that can affect the life of people. Coupled with the stereotyping culture and insensitive behavior or lots of people, the importance of showing others how homelessness topic is actual today is mandatory, as this social group is isolated in some ways. Highlighting the topic while performing academic research is a combination of things that are able to enlighten large masses of people, which can make the world a better place. You see, giving a proper source or a solid piece of evidence is way better than going into populism with its bright yet useless speeches. That is why doing your part, even if it means writing essays on homelessness, is a great way to make a difference.


The topic at hand is quite an interesting one. It is plagued by stereotypes and generally negative attitude of people towards individuals from other social layers, but it’s important. Any student can go and to homeless people to find out about why they are where they are. You’re most likely to hear about some external reason, either unaffordable housing, rent issues, or household abuse from both men and women. That’s why talking and writing about this topic is so important. People have to understand that the issue that exists for thousands of years cannot be caused solely by individual bad choices of people. There is a constant trend, and people tend to overlook it. So, I suggest you to go deeper into research and find out more information regarding the topic; it might serve as a revelation to some people. It might serve as an inspiration to others. Either way, it can change the world, just slowly, step by step.

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