Raisi Wishes Success for Rouhani in His Second Term

Iranian presidential candidate Ebrahim Raisi, who lost the race to Hassan Rouhani in the Friday’s elections, wished success for the elected president, and expressed the hope that people’s economic problems are prioritized in the next four years.

Raisi, who finished second at Iran’s presidential race after his moderate rival Rouhani, said in a message on Saturday that the Iranian nation is the first winner of elections as they made history through their high turnout.

He also hailed the role played by the Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei in the realization of such epic turnout.

He further criticized certain electoral offences before and during the election process, and vowed to legally pursue such violations.

However, he noted, we should now focus on the construction and development of the country and insist on independence, freedom, and dignity of the Iranian nation.

He finally wished success for all statesmen and the elected president, and expressed the hope that Rouhani’s government would pay attention to social justice and resolving deprived people’s economic problems as a top priority within the next four years.

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