Saturday, May 25, 2024

Analyst: Putin could resort to nukes if pushed toward defeat

An Iranian political commentator has said Russian President Vladimir Putin could resort to nuclear weapons if he is pushed toward defeat in the Ukraine war and loses his psychological balance.

In that case, Mohammad Bagher Mohseni said, Putin will begin an unlimited nuclear war and the entire world will be devastated. Mohseni also said Russia’s recentvmove to annex parts of Ukraine could have dire financial and international consequences for Moscow.

In an editorial run by Asriran news outlet, Mohammad Bagher Mohseni also described Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine as uncalculated, likening him to a fascist and untamed World War II leader.

Russia blames NATO for the invasion saying the US-led military alliance poses a threat to Russua’s security.

Mohseni then spoke about Ukraine’s attack on the strategic Kerch Bridge that links Crimea to mainland Russia and the rhetoric of both sides about the attack. He said Russia has no more capabilities than what it has done thus far and that this is the Russian army’s maximum power.

This is while, Mohseni noted, Ukraine has got inundated with state of the art weaponry supplied by the West.

The Iranian expert also said what makes matters worse for the Russian “invaders” is that the Russian army’s ranks are depleted.

Mohseni added that Putin knows too that his defeat in the Ukraine war will put an end to his political life and he will get killed. As a result, he noted, the attack on the Kerch Bridge could be like the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 that dragged the US into World War Il and paved the way for two nuclear attacks on Japan.

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