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Pumpkin Soup; Suitable Dish for Autumn

Pumpkin Soup is a traditional dish of Iran’s Markazi Province. In ancient times, people in this region tried to strengthen themselves by using soups that provided the necessary energy.

In many cities of Iran, watery dishes and soups used to be the main dishes and people used less rice. That is why there is so much diversity in the dishes of many cities, including Arak in Markazi Province. One of them is the Pumpkin soup.

Pumpkin has a sweet and delicate taste, but it is very low in calories, with only 20 calories per 100 grams. This edible plant contains powerful antioxidant oxides, which is a natural acid in the fruit that removes dead skin cells and brightens the skin.  

It also contains Vitamin A which helps to produce newer, smoother and younger skin cells. Pumpkin, rich in micronutrients, is equipped with effective elements to fight diseases. With the coming of the autumn season it is definitely recommended to cook and enjoy this soup.


Wheat bulgur: 1 cup

Pumpkin: 1/2 cup

Black-eyed peas: ½ cup

Onion: 1 small size

Oil: As much as needed

Pepper, salt, turmeric: As much as needed


First chop the onion and sauté. Then mix the wheat bulgur and the beans with the spices and cook with some water. After 2 hours pour the chopped Pumpkins into the soup. At the end add the necessary spices to the food. Wait till all the ingredients mix well. Wait about 30 minutes for the food to get ready. Bon appetite! 

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