Poll: Netanyahu’s public support drops further as war grinds on

Public support for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu steadily dwindled as Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip has dragged on. Public support for the Israeli leader has been decreasing throughout the entirety of the conflict.

New public opinion polls show that 23 percent of respondents want to see him stay in power, while 41 percent would like to see former Defence Minister and War Cabinet Member Benny Gantz take his place.

Numbers that were polled and surveys that were taken just earlier this month – around four weeks ago – saw that support for Netanyahu was at around 29 percent.

When it comes to the number of seats in the coalition, the anti-Netanyahu bloc would have 68 seats if elections were held today and Netanyahu’s bloc would only have 47, meaning that he would not be the premier. He simply would not have enough seats.

So these numbers for Netanyahu are unfavourable given how he has been prosecuting the war.

Israel has pounded the Gaza Strip since a cross-border attack by Palestinian group Hamas in October, in which nearly 1,200 Israelis are believed to have been killed.

The death toll from Israeli attacks in the besieged territory has jumped to 26,900 since Oct. 7, the Health Ministry in the blockaded Palestinian enclave said on Wednesday. The Health Ministry issued a statement as the deadly Israeli onslaught entered its 117th day.

About 85% of Gazans have been displaced by the Israeli onslaught, while all of them are food insecure, according to the UN. Hundreds of thousands of people are living without shelter, and ⁠less than half of aid trucks are entering the territory than before the start of the conflict.

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