Thursday, April 18, 2024

Palestinian youth killed by Israeli troops

Another Palestinian youth was killed and several others were injured after Israeli forces carried out a raid on a neighborhood in the city of Jenin in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

The new fatality came after a large group of Israeli forces, accompanied by about 100 military vehicles and a bulldozer, stormed the city from several directions and closed its entrances Tuesday morning.

The director of Jenin Hospital said the raid and subsequent shootout and confrontation with Palestinian fighters led to death of a 29-year-old Palestinian, identified as Muhammad Musa Muhammad Sabaaneh.

Several Palestinians were also injured during the raid, one of them in critical condition. The injured Palestinians included a girl who was hit in her jaw, in addition to two young men with leg injuries and another with shrapnel in his head.

The Israeli troops also raided several neighborhoods of the city, deploying their snipers on the roofs of some high-rise buildings. They also surrounded an apartment block in the eastern neighborhood of Jenin, forcing its residents to leave their apartments before detaining them, including children and women.

Israeli forces continue their near-daily raid-and-arrest operations in various parts of the West Bank, wounding or killing Palestinians. Such raids are carried out while Israeli settlers also conduct acts of violence against Palestinians and their property.

Many Palestinians have also sustained injuries or lost their lives in incidents due to allegations that they attempted stabbing or car-ramming attacks against Israeli settlers and forces.

More than 70 Palestinians, including 37 Palestinian children, have been killed so far this year, many as a result of the use of lethal force by the Israeli authorities in a manner described by the UN Human Rights Office in the Occupied Territories as a violation of international human rights law.

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