Monday, June 24, 2024

PA’s Mahmoud Abbas urges other countries to recognize Palestinian state

Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas has welcomed Ireland, Norway and Spain's decision to recognize a Palestinian state, calling on other countries to follow their lead.

The president’s office said Madrid’s decision “reflects Spain’s keenness to support the Palestinian people and their inalienable and legitimate rights to their land and homeland”, according to a statement cited by Palestinian news agency Wafa.

“Spain’s decision, in these times, comes as a contribution from countries that believe in the two-state solution as an option that represents international will and legitimacy, in saving this solution, which is being systematically destroyed as a result of Israeli policies, especially through the continuation of the genocidal war in the Gaza Strip.”

Abbas added Norway and Ireland have “steadfastly supported the rights of the Palestinian people over the past years and voted in favor of these rights in international forums”.

“This initial decision is a culmination of these positions and is consistent with the principles of international law that recognize the right of peoples to get rid of colonialism and oppression and to live in freedom, justice and independence.”

The presidency called for other countries to “follow the example of Norway, Ireland and Spain, which chose the path of supporting the achievement of peace and stability and consolidating the rules of international legitimacy, and international law”.

Norway, Ireland and Spain’s decision to recognize a Palestinian state has been welcomed by Hamas, who has urged other countries to follow suit.

“We welcome the announcement by Norway, Ireland and Spain to recognize of the State of Palestine, and we consider it an important step on the path to establishing our right to our land and establishing our independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital,” a Hamas statement said.

“We call on countries around the world to recognize our legitimate national rights, support the struggle of our people for liberation and independence, and end the Zionist occupation of our land,” it added.

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