Over 65 Million Screened for Coronavirus in Iran

An Iranian deputy Health Minister says more than 65 million people have been screened for COVID-19 infection across the country under a national mobilization scheme to contain the viral disease.

According to Deputy Health Minister Alireza Raisi, more than 65 million Iranians have been screened for coronavirus as of Tuesday evening.

He said over 54.4 million citizens have been screened by the medical and health centres, while more than 11 million others have taken part in the national scheme on the Internet via the website ‘salamat.gov.ir’.

The deputy minister also called on the remaining Iranians to join the nationwide screening project by contacting the Health Ministry via telephone or on the Internet.

Raisi further called on all people to stay home on the Nature Day, stressing that observing the health protocols in compliance with the national mobilization plan will help the country make a great stride in controlling coronavirus pandemic.

He warned that picnicking in parks, countryside and public places on the Nature Day –the 13th day of spring- would result in the spread of disease and nullify the achievements of the Coronavirus Fight National Mobilization scheme.

According to health authorities, the total number of coronavirus cases in Iran exceeded 44,600 on Tuesday and the death toll has risen to 2,898.

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