Monday, September 26, 2022

North Korean Leader Visits Trump Tower!

A viral video shows a man very similar to North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un visiting the 58th floor of Trump Tower in the fifth avenue of New York’s Manhattan.

At first glance, the man seems exactly the same as Jong-un. He may even have worn heavy makeup to look more similar to the North Korean leader, a Farsi report by Fararu website said on Tuesday.

In response to a question raised by a visitor to the tower about his presence in the building, the man said with a sense of humor, “I’ve come to visit my old friend, the well-known American Basketball player, Dennis Rodman.”

It’s noteworthy that Rodman used to play in NBA league. Interestingly enough, he has good relations with North Korean leader. He is now on a visit to North Korea. He once said he can draw on his friendship with Jong-un to mediate between him and US President, Donald Trump.

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