Saturday, November 26, 2022

Newly-Developed Smart Mirrors Can Replace Secretaries

Iranian researchers have designed and produced smart mirrors which can be used by company managers as a replacement for secretaries.

“We managed to design smart mirrors which can be used as secretaries at CEO offices,” says Alireza Moaref, one of the members of the team that have designed the smart mirrors.

He says the mirror can show daily schedules. “These programs are fed into the mirror in advance, and will be available to the person in question at the desired time.”

“The schedules appear on the mirror only when the mirror recognizes its owner. The information and schedules are displayed as soon as the person stands in front of the mirror,” he adds.

He said among the parameters displayed on the mirror are the time, date, weather forecast, etc.

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The mirror can also be used in the lobbies of residential buildings to display the information of the building for the occupants. In addition to being a mirror, it can be used as a white board as well.

Moaref says the mirror can also display news. “No similar mirror has been produced abroad, so far, and the only mirrors built in the same style have been the ones used in changing rooms.”

The researcher says plans are underway to equip the mirror with an audio feature, so that it can read out the schedules, too.

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