The walls of the Darolhojjeh portico are decorated with dado work containing an amalgamation of stucco, mirror work and paintings on plaster.

The two main entrance gates to the portico open to two adjacent porticos on either side.

The newest portico at the Imam Reza mausoleum, Darolhojjeh has been constructed using the most modern excavation engineering techniques.

Among the wonders of this colossal portico is that excavation work was conducted underneath two of the most massive portals of the shrine weighing around 7,000 tonnes each without any harm or risk of damage to the portals thanks to the reinforcements installed.

The portico is decorated with more than 8,000 square meters of mirror work and as much masonry.

The floor of the portico has been covered with white, cream and pink stones.

Mirror work, gold decorations, silverwork, stucco and colouring have joined hands to create an exquisite form of art which is unique and eye-pleasing in its own right.

The concave structures on the ceiling are decorated with petal-shaped relief stucco covered with silver leaves.

The centre of the petals are embellished with convex mirror work.

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