Monday, November 28, 2022

Netherlands Forerunner of Extreme Anti-Iran Moves in Europe: MP

An Iranian lawmaker believes that as the Netherlands has not been directly involved in the nuclear talks, it can easily play a leading role in Europe’s anti-Iran moves and decisions.

Iranian parliamentarian Seyyed Mohammad-Javad Abtahi says unfortunately, the current ruling government in the Netherlands is strongly anti-Iran and anti-Islam.

In a Farsi interview with ICANA, he said the Netherlands has warned its citizens to remove sensitive information on their laptops and handsets during their trips to Iran.

Abtahi argued that the Netherlands has shown it is a pioneer in extreme movements in Europe, saying, “One may think France, Germany and Britain must take all anti-Iran and anti-Islam actions, but the Netherlands is the one that plays this role.”

“On the other hand, the Netherlands has no direct role in the talks and can also act as a role model for other European countries in this regard.”

“The Netherlands acts in a way to test the reactions of Iran, as well as its friends and international organizations, and in this way forces the international organizations to pass resolutions against Iran,” noted Abtahi.

This Iranian MP concluded that the Netherlands has been the dominant party among European countries to push against Iran. Moreover, the current ruling party in the Netherlands has an anti-Iran approach and its policies are dictated by the strong Zionist lobby that is active there.

Abtahi’s comments came after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands sent out a letter warning Dutch travellers visiting Turkey, China, Russia and Iran that their electronic devices may be unsafe in these countries, BBC Türkçe reported on Monday.

The ministry warned that data on electronic devices, including laptop computers and smartphones, may be read and copied by third parties in these countries, and said that sensitive information should not be carried on these devices under any circumstances.

“It is painful, but the warnings on cyber espionage will also apply to our NATO ally Turkey, as well as Russia and Iran,” BBC Türkçe quoted a foreign ministry source as saying.

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