Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Mongolia Raps US Bans on Iran, Russia, N. Korea

A Mongolian official has denounced the recent sanctions imposed by the United States on Iran, Russia and North Korea.

Mongolian president’s special envoy Lundeg Purevsuren has lashed out at Washington’s sanctions on Iran, saying, “Sanctions are not good, and we condemn them.”

The Mongolian official said the recent sanctions imposed on Iran, North Korea and Russia are not friendly, adding, “We don’t recognize the US sanctions because slapping sanctions are not a good way and we denounce them.”

Speaking in a Farsi interview with ICANA, he said Iran has a history of peaceful relations with other countries, adding, “Today, Mongolia and Iran are keen to boost the level of their foreign relations.”

He said many Iranian companies are investing in Mongolia and vice versa, which means “the two states have constructive economic relations.”

The Mongolian official had travelled to Iran heading a delegation to attend the swearing-in ceremony of President Hassan Rouhani.

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