Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Mideast’s First Mini-World Park under Construction in Iran

The construction of the Middle East’s first and world’s fourth mini-world park is underway in the western Iranian province of Hamadan.

A 46-hectare piece of land in Malayer in western Iran is the site where the world’s fourth and Middle East’s first mini-world park is being built.

A miniature park is an open space that displays miniature buildings and models, and is usually open to the public.

The other world miniature parks include the ones in Japan, Belgium (known as “Mini-Europe”) and China (titled “The Window of the World”).

The park has no counterpart in Iran and the Middle East. The Iranian miniature park will incorporate the features used in the design and construction of the “Mini-Europe” in the Belgian capital of Brussels.

A total of 138 national (123) and international (15) historical buildings and sites will be reproduced in this project. The reproductions will be 10 times smaller than the original ones.

Among the foreign architectural models due to be built in the park are the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Egyptian pyramids, and India’s Taj Mahal.

The Iranian historical buildings, structures and sites to be reproduced in the park also include Persepolis and the Tomb of Hafez (both located in the southwestern Iranian province of Fars), Azadi Tower (in Tehran), and the Tomb of Baba Tahir in Hamadan.

Here are IRNA’s photos of the park, which is being built in the eastern part of Malayer:

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