Saturday, December 2, 2023

Mamarz Lake; Haunted Body of Water in Northern Iran

Mamarz Lake in Iran’s Mazandaran province is widely known as the Ghosts Lake thanks to its horribly calm appearance.

If you are interested in off-road driving, you can experience it by setting off a journey to Mamarz Lake through a byway.

Throughout most days of the year, the virgin ecosystem of the lake is covered with fog and non-stop far sounds of wild animals. Add to the scene, the presence of dried out trees in the lake making it more and more closer to what is called the Ghosts Lake.

With a length of 700 metres and width of 300 metres, the lake is very attractive. Due to its unique scene and rare beauty, it has been registered as a natural heritage.

One of the main features of Mamarz Lake which attracts the visitors’ attentions is the remains of some old trees in the middle of the lake. They are known as dead trees. As a part of the lake’s nature, the scene contributes to the horrible nature of the lake.

The lake is located in the middle of an eye-catching forest near Nowshahr, which the visitors can enjoy along with the lake’s nature.

Here are photos of the lake retrieved from the website:

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