Friday, December 8, 2023

Kayhan: Iran should delay nuclear deal revival for two more months

A newspaper close to Iran’s Principlist camp advises the Raisi administration to postpone a restoration of the 2015 nuclear deal for another two months, saying that such a delay will make the diplomatic process end fully in Tehran’s favor.

In an editorial, Kayhan explained why Iran should not be in a hurry to conclude a final agreement on reviving the nuclear deal with the US and other parties.

It voiced concerns over unconfirmed media reports about the negotiations, saying, if true, such an agreement will not respect Iran’s red lines.

The reports, it added, also suggest that not all the anti-Iran sanctions will be lifted in case an agreement is reached, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) will remain on the US blacklist, and no strong guarantee will be provided to Tehran that a renewed agreement will not be violated by Washington again.

“But we need to take a brief look at where Europe stands now and then decide, because there is still time,” the paper said.

It highlighted the positive figures and forecasts released by international institutions about the Iranian economy, saying the incumbent Iranian administration proved that it’s possible to take great steps without relying on the nuclear deal and the so-called Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

It is, therefore, the other side, not Iran, that should be in a hurry for a revived nuclear deal, according to Kayhan.

“Two months! In only two months, things will thoroughly change if the current situation continues the way it is,” the newspaper concluded.

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