Iran’s reformist camp: Mass emigration contributor to foreign subversive activities

The head of Iran’s Reformist Camp has expressed misgivings over the recent wave of Iranians’ emigration.

“If this large-scale emigration is not a threat, what else should it be called, then?” asked Ms. Azar Mansouri rhetorically.

“Emigration and considering life in Iran as unfavorable are the fallouts from the type of the Establishment’s handling of social demands,” she said critically.

“The individuals who emigrate from Iran are a great social asset, each,” she added.

“When they emigrate, whether experts or individuals with material assets, other countries will benefit from their expertise or assets,” she explained.

“One should note that subversion has two edges: a domestic one and a foreign one. On the domestic front, the more coercive measures are adopted [affecting areas] from lifestyle to elections, the more it will play into the hands of foreign subverters,” she said.

A survey conducted by the Iran Migration Observatory shows around 20% percent of the Iranian population have already migrated to other countries, over 60% are willing to leave, just 16% intend to stay in the country.

Moreover, as the study suggests, just 4% of those who have emigrated say they intend to return to the country.

Iranian government officials have vehemently rejected the report, saying it aims to demonize the country.

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