Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Iran’s Need for High Processing Boards Mostly Met Domestically

An Iranian knowledge-based company has succeeded in producing high processing electronic boards, meeting 70 percent of the country’s need for the product.

Yasin Researchers group uses field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology, which is considered to be the most optimised parallel processing platform capable of delivering 10x average power over conventional GPUs and 10 to 1000 times higher-end CPUs.

High-processing boards are used in all industries across Iran, from defence to weather, as well as oil, and medical equipment. On the other hand, high-tech products top the list of international sanctions against the Islamic Republic. So production of them inside the country is very important. This move can meet domestic needs, and keep moving across the boundaries of knowledge and ultimately protect the country against political and economic changes in the international arena.

The CEO of the company says the production of these processors reduces the impact of sanctions, and plays an effective role in boosting national production. He says it also increases employment, and helps in reducing the economy’s dependence on oil.

“What makes this company’s knowledge-based products unique compared to domestic and foreign samples is their type of design that is better than any other existing sample. We have used native technical expertise and manpower. At present, 30% of our country’s domestic industry needs for high processing boards are met through foreign products and the rest is met by domestic products,” added the CEO.

“In general, the import of high-processing boards is either difficult due to sanctions or their sophisticated technology. It is very tough to import them and their after-sales service is very weak. Therefore, we face challenges when using foreign samples.”

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