Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Iranian Scientists Invent Smart Uniform for Soldiers, Climbers

A team of Iranian researchers has designed and manufactured smart uniforms for soldiers and professional mountain climbers which can monitor their vital signs and detect radioactive and landmines with their sensors.

Amir Abbas Mohammadi, the project researcher, says there was a global call for the implementation of the Future Soldier Research Project and all researchers and scholars were asked to submit their ideas in this regard.

“In this project, we designed a fully smart uniform for soldiers and climbers and made a prototype that included three sections: garment, gloves and boots, each of them with special abilities.”

“In the first phase, we introduced gloves for climbers that could provide heat to the user at a temperature of minus 40 degrees; also in areas without signal they could provide vital signs and geographical indications to the climber. These gloves will prevent climbers from getting lost,” he said.

The researcher adds that the boots made for soldiers are equipped with scanners, saying “The scanners in the boots can scan mines and radioactive materials from up to 5 metres away.”

The boots are capable of scanning 30 to 40-cm depth of land to find landmines, and is capable of scanning radioactive material and mines and displaying everything with alarms on a screen, he added.

Since it is equipped with various sensors, when the soldier is shot, it uses a sensor, based on the status of vital signs such as pulse or blood pressure to shock the heart so that the soldier does not become unconscious.

The researcher says it can also send the coordinates of the injured soldier to the nearest comrade for rescue and relief operations.

“The uniform is designed in a way that it can display the vital signs, as well as geographical location on an LCD.”

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Mohammadi said the uniform is able to keep the body warm in the cold or cool in the heat.

This outfit is equipped with 12 sensors for “pulse”, “blood pressure”, “humidity”, “temperature”, “geographic coordinates”, “distance” and “light and laser”.

He further stated that the project won the third place in Istanbul International Inventions Fair (ISIF’19), where 400 teams and 1,000 inventors from 30 countries had participated.

The 4th Istanbul International Invention Fair – ISIF’19 was held last month at International Istanbul Atatürk Airport.

The target group of ISIF are international and national individual inventors, R&D centres, manufacturers and commercial companies, industrialists, entrepreneurs, special researchers, patent consultants, patent offices, private or state-sponsored research institutes, science parks, technology development zones, technology transfer offices, universities, laboratories, institutions and organizations related to intellectual property rights, angel investors, venture capital groups, innovation promoters, patent attorneys, invention associations, relevant government agencies and non-governmental organizations.

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