Iranian news website blasts ex-president Ahmadinejad for ‘remaining tight-lipped’ over recent terror attack

An Iranian news website has, in an opinion piece, lashed out at former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for what it described as remaining disgracefully silent in the face of the recent terrorist attack in the southeastern Iranian city of Kerman.

“It is shameless and embarrassing to see someone, who held a high position as Iranian President, and who had sent messages of condolences on the death of an Indian singer and an American rapper and expressed sorrow, and who even did not forget to send congratulatory messages on the United States’ National Basketball League games, has remained tight-lipped and silent over the deaths of his fellow countrymen.” Wrote Asr-e-Iran.

“This is the same Ahmadinejad that spoke of Iran’s determination to destroy Israel following the 33-day war of 2006 between Israel and Lebanon when the world public opinion had turned against Israel, and tipped the balance in favor of Israel and against Iran,” the website added.

“Now, the same political figure who would speak out loud against Israel and strongly express opposition to it, remains tight-lipped in the face of Israel’s crimes in Gaza, which has even caused an outcry from the West,” the site said.

89 people were killed and hundreds injured in twin bomb blasts in Kerman on Wednesday.

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