Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Top Iranian general says Tehran will continue military operations in Iraq’s Kurdistan region

Chairman of Iran’s Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mohammad Bagheri said Iranian armed forces are keeping an eye on US bases in the Iraqi Kurdistan region, adding they will continue military operations there.

General Bagheri added that Iran knows the exact location of the US bases and the number of forces stationed there and also what they are doing at the military sites.

He noted that from now on, Iran will respond to any move by the US in Iraq to confront Iranian drones.

Bagheri also spoke about the anti-Iran terrorist groups in Iraq.

He said Iran will not tolerate the presence of 3000 armed forces equipped with bombs behind its borders and will confront them.

General Bagheri noted that Iran will continue its operations beyond the border.

He said Iran has told Iraq’s Kurdistan region that it has two choices: disarming those groups or expelling them from the region.

Iran has several times bombed the bases of the groups that are enemies of the Islamic Republic in the Kurdistan region. Tehran says the groups have been involved in the unrest and deadly riots in Iran’s Kordestan Province in recent weeks.

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