Iranian FM urges UN to send relief to Gaza

The Iranian foreign minister, in a phone conversation with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, urged the world body to send humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip without delay.

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian, exchanged views with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres over the developments in Palestine.

Amirabdollahian said what happened in the occupied Palestinian territories was a completely Palestinian initiative and a reaction to the war crimes and extremist moves by Israel in recent months.

He was referring to the Saturday surprise attack by the Palestinian movement, Hamas, on Israel.

He warned that Gaza is currently under a complete siege, and water and electricity as well as the delivery of medicine and food to Gazans have been cut off, and attacks and war crimes by the Zionist regime against the people of Gaza rage on.

Amirabdollahian stressed that due to the high number of women and children killed in Gaza, the Zionist regime is responsible for its consequences and the increased complication of the situation.

The top Iranian diplomat declared Iran’s readiness to send humanitarian aid to Gaza.

For his part, UN Chief Antonio Guterres said, “Perhaps no one is more upset than us about what is unfolding in Gaza because hundreds of UN employees are in very dire conditions in the city and so far some of them have been killed. And under such circumstances they are trying to take care of the people of Gaza.”

“We are aware of the deterioration of the situation in Gaza and we are making efforts to prevent an escalation of bombings and fighting through consultations with other countries because anytime soon it is feared that the escalation of the situation will cause a catastrophe in Gaza”, said Guterres.

The UN chief went on to say, “We have always opposed the hardline positions of the Israeli officials, and we believe that through the recognition of the right to self-determination and the formation of an independent Palestinian state, we hope to end these problems.”

Guterres voiced concern that because the power plants in Gaza are out of fuel, the risk of a disaster there is more than likely now.

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