Iranian envoy: Qatar ready to help resolve other US-Iran disputes

Iran’s ambassador to Doha has cited Qatari officials as announcing their readiness to help resolver other disputes between Iran and the US.

Hamidreza Dehghani spoke about Qatar’s role in mediating the recent prisoner exchange between the US and Iran and the unlocking of frozen Iranian assets in other countries, saying Doha proposed to act as a mediator two years ago.

Dehghani noted that the administration of President Ebrahim Raisi accepted Qatar’s proposal given that its foreign policy is based on neighborliness.

The senior Iranian diplomat also said many rounds of talks happened during the period between the two sides with Qatar acting as the mediator.

Dehghani thanked Qatari and Iranian officials for their efforts to finalize the prisoner swap deal that also saw the unlocking of 6 billion dollars in Iranian assets that had been frozen for several years by the US in third countries like South Korea.

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