Iranian Diplomat Calls for Immediate Action on Syria Crisis

Jaberi Ansari

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs, and the head of Iran’s delegation to Astana talks on Syria, called on the international community to help bring back stability to the crisis-hit Syria.

In his address to Syria peace talks which ended in Astana earlier on Monday, Iran’s diplomat Hossein Jaberi Ansari urged immediate action to restore stability to the hard-hit country.

Here is the full text of his speech:

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent the Merciful

Your Excellency, Kairat Abdrakhmanov, the honorable Foreign Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Distinguished heads and members of participating delegations

Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the outset, I would like to express my gratitude to the great nation and state of Kazakhstan, and to appreciate their warm hospitality towards the participating delegations.

Once in Kazakhstan, the homeland of Al-Farabi, we feel at home and we regard the decision of Kazakh brotherly government and nation to host this conference in line with Islamic teachings to help our brothers.

As we are sitting here in comfort, men, women and children in Syria are struggling with difficulties, agony and ravages of war, terrorism and displacement within or out of their homeland. In some parts, including Damascus, they are even deprived from drink water.

As an Iranian, I can feel their misery. It was not long ago when Iran fell victim to an imposed war that left hundreds of thousands of martyrs, wounded and displaced people and led to destruction of vast areas of the country. Everybody in my accompanying delegation have lived those days.

In the human world, the divergence of beliefs and interests are natural, but war is the ugliest manifestation of such disagreement. The utmost goal of our joint efforts to end the Syrian conflict must be an irreversible cessation of hostilities that enables the people of Syria to get back to the normal life they deserve, like any other nation. Syrians shall enjoy a sovereign state in an integrated territory within safe borders.

All nations shall enjoy the inherent right of self-determination and no external powers should or can interfere with the right of people. Syrian nation is no exception and shall exercise this right of theirs, free from any external pressure. Those who seek the prolongation of the Syrian crisis for their own interests hinder the fulfillment of people’s right.

Dear colleagues

Today, we have assembled in Astana to re-orient our endeavor towards peace and to remedy the shortcomings of past processes, in order to help a dialog between the Syrian government and the Syrian armed opposition groups who have joined the process of current talks, in framework of tripartite initiative consisting of Russia, Turkey and Iran, to win an agreement on the eventual political solution. To this end, we need to have a clear road map. Specifically, all participating parties to these talks need to denounce acts of violence and respect not only the ceasefire, but cessation of all kind of hostilities.

We shall welcome the adherence of non-participating groups to this process, once they abide by principle of non-violence.

The international community should join efforts to curb the illegal transfer of arms, financial aids and fighters into Syria that enables the terrorist groups to continue suppressing the local population and commencing chains of armed confrontations anywhere in the country. An effective mechanism of ceasefire should be in place, ensured by the Astana tripartite initiative to guarantee the irreversibility of ceasefire and cessation of hostilities.

Meanwhile, a joined effort to confront ISIL, Fath al-Sham Front (former Al-Nusra) and their associated terrorist groups should be on the agenda.

Dear friends,

The Syrian government and the Syrian opposition, helped by the tripartite initiative, can start a dialog to reach a political solution that ends in free, inclusive and transparent elections based on national unity and territorial integrity. Upon successful completion of this process, we hope to see the end of Syrian crisis.

At the same time, all friends of Syria should join hands to remove sanctions and blockage, to help the reconstruction, to facilitate the free return of the displaced population in urgent response to the dire human situation in Syria. Changes begin in people’s minds. The vicious cycle of violence and terrorism can be stopped only if extremist ideologies that justify barbarism, more than often in the false name of religion, are denounced and renounced. This may begin with introducing the true merciful and blessing face of divine religions and an intercultural dialog among regional neighbors and in the world at large.

Dear colleagues,

Time is short and as the history shows, next coming generations will hold us responsible for our deeds. Let us opt for peace and construction.

“Cooperate in righteousness and piety, but do not cooperate in sin and aggression. And keep your duty to Allah; indeed, Allah is severe in punishment.”

(Quoted from the Holy Quran)

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