Sunday, September 25, 2022

Iran will not yield to new limitations on peaceful nuclear plan: Speaker

The parliament speaker has stressed that Iran is not after establishing an empire because it runs counter to the Islamic thoughts.

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said the Islamic Republic of Iran will not accept new limitations to be imposed on its peaceful nuclear program during the on-going negotiations.

Addressing the closing ceremony of the 32nd International Holy Koran Recitation Competition in Tehran on Friday, he refuted allegations that Iran is after establishing an empire, calling it in contrary to the Islamic thoughts.

“In what language shall we say that in the nuclear program we are only after peaceful technologies? Leader of Revolution has repeatedly reiterated the issue, but it seems that they don’t listen,” he added.

The government of President Rouhani has seriously considered nuclear negotiations so that there were principle agreements, Larijani said, “However, P5+1 are after new tricks and are demanding too much.”

The speaker stressed that the Iranian nation will resist imposing of new orders through negotiations and asked, “Why should there be new fabrications out of current international orders?”

On claims about establishment of an Iranian empire, the Speaker said, “If any country has such assumptions, it is a mistake. We opted for revolution to get rid of oppression.”

“The Islamic Republic is not after an empire. It is against the Islamic thoughts,” Larijani noted.

Referring to the developments in the Islamic World, the Iranian parliament speaker called for unity and prudence among Muslim nations and said, “Some colonialists grab the resources of Islamic countries and give them out-dated arms to take on Muslims.”

He further rejected justifications for killing fellow Muslim brothers because of the so-called security concerns and said, “If anybody has a concern, it does not give them the right to destroy another country.”

Reminding that the post-revolution Iran has not invaded any country in the last 36 years, he added, “Iran’s power is for defending the Islamic Ummah.”

“Wasn’t it Iran that defended the defenseless people of Palestine and Lebanon? Wasn’t it Iran that assisted people and government of Iraq when they asked for it after savage terrorists killed the Iraqi people?”

He said Iran was invaded during the eight years of the Sacred Defense (Saddam-imposed war) in the 1980s, but showed forgiveness based on the teachings of Imam Khomeini who raised Islamic unity within the principles of the Islamic Revolution.

Larijani also condemned Wahhabism as a mistaken extremist thinking which kills Muslims by forging armed conflicts among the Islamic Ummah.

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